Which OPPO Models Support eSIM Technology?

Michael Lin

In our modern era, staying connected has never been easier. OPPO smartphone users now have the chance to enjoy the advantages of eSIM technology. In this article, we’ll discover which OPPO models support eSIM and guide you through the process of setting up eSIM on your device.

OPPO’s eSIM-Compatible Devices:

Let’s start by identifying the OPPO devices that support eSIM:

  • Find X3 Pro
  • Reno 5 A
  • Find X5
  • Find X5 Pro
  • Reno6 Pro 5G
  • A55s 5G

If you own one of these OPPO devices, you’re in for a treat!

Setting Up eSIM on Your OPPO Device:

The process of setting up eSIM on your OPPO device is simple. Just follow these steps:

  1. Open Settings: Begin by opening the settings menu on your OPPO device. You can typically access it by swiping down from the top of your screen and tapping the gear or nut icon.
  2. Access SIM Card and Mobile Data: Scroll through the settings menu and locate the “SIM card and Mobile/Cellular Data” option.
  3. Enable eSIM: In this section, enable the “eSIM” option to initiate the eSIM setup.
  4. Accept Terms: After enabling eSIM, you’ll be asked to accept the terms and conditions. Confirm your acceptance to proceed.
  5. Add eSIM: Click on the “Add eSIM” option to add a new eSIM profile to your device.
  6. Scan QR Code: Follow the on-screen instructions until you reach the “Scan QR code” step. Here, you’ll need to scan the QR code provided by your operator or eSIM provider. This action activates your eSIM card, ensuring seamless connectivity.

Using eSIM as a Secondary Line:

If you own an Oppo smartwatch or a similar device, you can set up your eSIM as a secondary line for added convenience. Simply follow these steps:

  1. Wear OS: Access the Wear OS app on your smartphone.
  2. Advanced Settings: Navigate to “Advanced Settings.”
  3. Mobile/Cellular Data Configuration: Find the option for mobile/cellular data configuration and follow the provided instructions to configure your eSIM.
  4. Acceptance and Scanning : Accept the terms and conditions, and scan the QR code with your smartphone.

FAQs About eSIM Configuration:

Here are answers to some frequently asked questions about configuring eSIM on your OPPO device:

  • Compatibility: Not all eSIMs are universally compatible across devices, so check with your provider for eSIMs designed for OPPO.
  • Future Compatibility: Some OPPO devices may gain eSIM compatibility through future software updates.
  • Deactivation: Deleting a data plan does not unlink your eSIM card from the operator. You’ll need to contact your operator to terminate your eSIM card service.

Unleash the potential of your OPPO device and embrace the future of connectivity with eSIM technology. Stay seamlessly connected with a few simple steps and redefine your digital experience today!

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