QR-SIM : Global eSIM data plan at one scan

Simply scan a print eSIM QR code along travel journey like in the airport, in the lounge , in airplane cabin etc, get access to global data plan instantly, covering 200+ countries, local speed and local rate, no SIM card, no wifi box needed.

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Traditional Travel Data Plan Pain Points

domestic operator roaming

swap sim cards for local operator

heavy mifi box or extra 4G router to carry

order online, wait for delivery


No SIM card needed

No high roaming bills

No more wait for delivery

Get eSIM Data Instantly

Scan For Global Data Plan Instantly

A Digital SIM for Travel Platforms Along User Journey


Why you should work with us:
  • Best Digital solution with ultra simple experience for global data plan for your users, no APP needed.
  • Offer local or regional eSIM data plan via print QR code is now such an easy and profitable revenue stream.
  • Regional Exclusive Partner 
  • High conversion rate with instant purchase experience
  • Partner with eSIM service provider covering 300M travelers and Apple’s eSIM provider.
  • No upfront investment, No minumum commitment

Consumer devices that support QR-SIM