iOS 17 Elevates eSIM Experience

Michael Lin

In the rapidly advancing world of mobile technology, Apple’s iOS 17 brings a remarkable improvement to its dual-SIM functionality, delivering a host of features that are tailor-made for users who rely on multiple phone lines. Disclosed during the iOS 17 beta release, these enhancements are bound to offer increased control and convenience for individuals managing multiple phone lines.

1. Enhanced SMS Sorting

[Per-SIM message sorting]

With iOS 17, users can now enjoy per-SIM message sorting within the Messages app. This means you can neatly organize your conversations based on specific phone lines. Whether focusing solely on personal texts or prioritizing business messages, iOS 17 empowers you to take charge of your SMS management. To access this feature, tap the ellipsis (…) button in the top-right corner of your conversation list and select the desired phone line.

To access this feature, tap the ellipsis (…) button in the top-right corner of your conversation list and select the desired phone line.

2. Distinct Per-SIM Ringtones

[Customizing ringtones in iOS 17]

iOS 17 and iPadOS 17 also bring the ability to set distinct ringtones for each SIM line. This customization ensures that your business line, for instance, can have a unique ringtone, making it effortless to differentiate between personal and business calls before you even pick them up.

3. Choose Your SIM When Calling Unknown Numbers

[Choosing a SIM line in iOS 17]

Privacy-conscious users will appreciate the option iOS 17 offers when returning a call from an unknown number. Now, you can select which SIM line to use for such calls. This feature provides an added layer of privacy and control, allowing you to designate a specific number for handling calls from unknown contacts. It’s a powerful tool to help filter legitimate calls from potential spam, ensuring you remain in charge of your communications.

4. Evolution of eSIM Support on iPhone

[Turning physical SIM into an eSIM]

Beyond the dual-SIM improvements, iOS 17 continues to evolve eSIM support on the iPhone. Depending on your iPhone model, you can utilize two physical nano-SIMs simultaneously, managing your personal and business numbers seamlessly.

Additionally, if your carrier supports eSIM, you can opt for this digital alternative, granting you the convenience of multiple phone numbers. Apple notes that iPhone XS and later models can store eight or more eSIMs, although only two eSIMs can be active simultaneously.

With the iPhone 14 series, Apple has fully embraced eSIM technology. Models sold in the United States no longer feature a physical SIM tray and exclusively support eSIM. Transitioning from a physical SIM to an eSIM is a straightforward process, either during the initial iOS setup or later in the settings. This shift towards eSIMs signifies a leap into the future of mobile connectivity.

In conclusion, iOS 17 introduces a suite of enhancements aimed at simplifying the lives of dual-SIM users. From message organization to distinct ringtones and improved call handling for unknown numbers, these features empower users to take control of their mobile experience. Additionally, the continued evolution of eSIM support underscores Apple’s commitment to staying at the forefront of mobile technology.

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