The Easy Way to Setup Your Data eSIM for Fast and Reliable Connectivity

Direct installation, is the easiest and most convenient way to set up an eSIM. This involves downloading your provider's app and allowing it to handle the setup process for you. This method is only available if your provider has a special agreement with either Apple or Android to handle eSIM setup. Example of a data eSIM providers that offers direct installation are RedteaGO, eSIM Data, or QR SIM.

How to use this method :

  • After or before purchasing your eSIM, download your data provider's app on the App Store.
  • Login to your account inside the app (your RedteaGO account, etc).
  • Retrieve your eSIM. In the RedteaGO app, this happens in the "My eSIMs" tab. This is similar with others. Follow the app guidance to setup your eSIM !
  • When the direct installation happens, you will leave the app and a window "activate eSIM " will happen. This means the iPhone system has taken over.
  • Follow the phone setup Wizard to finalize setting up your eSIM 🙂
How and When to activate your data eSIM after setup

So, your data data eSIM is installed, but at this point, its is not activated. In the old world, it would have meant that you have setup a physical SIM card in your device but that is has remained turned off, or in Airplane mode.

For most operators (yes, it is something you need to check when you purchase your eSIM) the validity period of your eSIM will start from the moment you activate it, meaning from the moment you first connect to a telecom network.

Our general advice would be to not activate your eSIM until you are in the country (or countries) it is supposed to be used in and you actually need it. You don't want to trigger your activation period too early, or connect to a network while in a country your plan is not supposed to be used in.

Here is some guidance, using our example from above: travelling from the US to Thailand:

  • Before leaving your home country, turn off your home line (in our example, US line) OR put it with data roaming off. You want to make sure that when you land in Thailand, roaming is not activated, otherwise this will get expensive bills!
  • Land in Thailand, from there, you can activate your Thai data eSIM
  • Go to Settings.
  • Touch Cellular Data or Mobile Data.
  • Touch your eSIM plan (under Cellular plans)
  • Turn it on "Turn on this line"
  • Your eSIM should now be on, connected to a network, with online access.
  • Check and make sure you have internet access
  • If you don't have internet connectivity: double check eSIM instruction provided by your data eSIM provider when your eSIM was delivered. Some operators require that you setup an access point network (APN) information in the "Cellular Data Network" section of your eSIM parameters. Some providers require that you turn on data roaming on your data eSIM line to be able to be connected.
Can my iPhone have multiple eSIM ?

You can store more than one eSIM card on your iPhone, but you can only use one at a time. To change your eSIM card, touch Settings, then touch Cellular Data or Mobile Data, and then touch the plan you want to use. Touch Activate this line.

The iPhone 13 and subsequent models have the capability to accommodate two active electronic SIM cards (eSIMs) simultaneously. Additionally, iPhone models that lack a physical SIM tray are also equipped to handle two active eSIMs.

Should my primary line remain my sim card ?

On your iPhone, you can either decide that you want to use your physical sim card as your main sim, or vice-versa, if your main operator allows eSIM.

(It makes more sense to use your physical sim card as your primary sim, meaning that by default, your main plan, phone line and data connectivity rely on this sim, and to use your eSIM as an on-purpose sim to which you can setup different plans when you travel.)

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