RedteaMobile Launches eSIM Alliance, a SaaS-based Solution to Revolutionize Mobile Connectivity

RedteaMobile, a provider of eSIM solutions, has launched a new SaaS-based eSIM service called eSIM Alliance. With the pandemic still affecting travel, travel service providers are seeking new ways to generate revenue and stay competitive. eSIM Alliance provides an ancillary product with a high conversion rate, offering a fully digital product that allows travelers to switch networks easily and seamlessly integrate with travel apps and websites, or offline services.

eSIM Alliance provides a must-have product for every traveler, as most smartphones used by travelers now support eSIM. With easy operation based on SaaS, eSIM Alliance provides API access to global eSIM data plans and multiple touchpoints along the journey, promising revenue growth.

For those looking to become an affiliate partner, eSIM Alliance offers commission-based revenue with no integration required. Simply include an eSIM poster on your website or app, and eSIM Alliance will collect the payment, with a dashboard to manage your orders and commission on a monthly basis. Affiliate partners also receive 10MB of free trial data for each eSIM.

For API partners, eSIM Alliance allows onboarding of their own brand of eSIM, with in-app activation for the best user experience. Partners define the price based on eSIM Alliance’s wholesale price, and collect payment directly from their customers, with no directing to third-party services. The eSIM Alliance service allows for a fast go-to-market strategy and automatic operation.

eSIM Alliance provides a future-proof technology for loyalty and promises to disrupt travel connectivity, providing an innovative solution for travel service providers looking to drive ancillary revenue and remain competitive in the market.