I am having confusions about my data usage

We extend our gratitude for selecting RedteaGO as your service provider. We have diligently reviewed the utilization of your plan in coordination with the operator. The order inquiry reflects that your current plan is approaching its data limit.

For your convenience, you can further verify the cellular usage on your iPhone. To access the Cellular Data Used information, kindly navigate through the following steps: Settings -> Cellular -> Cellular Data. Please cross-reference this data with the label you had previously established.

You can place an order for a new eSIM from RedteaGO while also being mindful of the suggestions for conserving data usage.

Data Saving Tips on iOS:

Apple users using iOS 13 and subsequent versions can utilize the Low Data Mode feature to effectively control and economize their cellular data usage. This functionality is accessible for both cellular and Wi-Fi connections, and you have the flexibility to enable them separately.

To initiate this process, follow the steps outlined below. Please note that your carrier might have distinct Low Data Mode configurations.

1. Open the Settings app.
2. Tap on Cellular or Mobile Data.
3. Select your desired SIM card if applicable.
4. Choose Data Mode.
5. Toggle on Low Data Mode.

Data Saving Tips on Android:

For Samsung Galaxy Devices:

1. Launch the Settings app and access the Connections section.
2. Navigate to Data usage.
3. Select Data saver.
4. Activate the Data Saver feature by toggling the switch next to "Turn on now."
5. Additionally, you can specify which apps are allowed to use mobile data while Data Saver is active. Tap on "Allowed to use data while Data saver is on," and then toggle the switch next to the desired app(s) to grant permission.

For Google Pixel Devices:

To optimize your data usage and enhance efficiency, follow these steps:

  1. Access Settings: Launch the Settings app on your device.

  2. Navigate to Network & Internet: Locate and tap on the "Network & Internet" option.

  3. Activate Data Saver: Within the Network & Internet section, select "Data Saver."

  4. Enable Data Saver: Engage the Data Saver feature by toggling the switch adjacent to "Use Data Saver."

  5. Customize App Permissions: Should you wish to specify which applications are permitted to utilize mobile data while Data Saver is active, proceed as follows:

    a. Unrestricted Data: Tap on "Unrestricted data."

    b. Grant Permissions: Toggle the switch next to the desired app(s) to grant them unrestricted data access.

By adhering to these instructions, you can efficiently manage your data consumption and optimize the functionality of your Google Pixel device.

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