RedteaGO eSIM RSP certified by GSMA SAS-SM

Amsterdam, The Netherlands – Redtea Mobile, an innovative technology company, is delighted to announce that its RSP platform, deployed in Amsterdam, The Netherlands, has successfully passed the SAS-SM full certification this year. This achievement was marked by the receipt of a new certificate issued by the GSMA, just a few minutes ago.

The RSP platform plays a crucial role in providing eSIM services. To achieve this milestone, the platform had to meet the stringent requirements set forth by the GSMA for the SAS-SM certification. This is indeed an indication of the platform’s quality, security, and compliance to the highest standards.

For Redtea Mobile, obtaining the SAS-SM certification is a ‘ticket to entry’ for its RSP products to access relevant markets. More importantly, it is a stepping stone for the company to further penetrate the telecommunications industry and expand its opportunities for partnership and business development.

In a span of a year and a half since Redtea Mobile first passed the dry certification in the second half of 2021, dozens of customers have been integrated into their RSP platform. Notably, it continues to maintain a high growth rate each month. The successful certification serves as a solid foundation for upgrading the services of RedteaGO.

This progress attests to Redtea Mobile’s continued commitment to delivering superior user experience and to the excellence of its RSP platform. It is a testament to their high-level execution and passion for advancing technology.

About Redtea Mobile

Redtea Mobile is an innovative technology company committed to providing professional RSP platforms and solutions for the telecommunications industry. Its cutting-edge RSP platform offers comprehensive eSIM services to numerous global customers, providing unparalleled connectivity solutions.

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