eSIM Canada | Unlock Affordable Data: The Ultimate Guide to eSIM in Canada

eSIM technology is becoming increasingly popular around the world, and for good reason. Not only is it a convenient option for travelers, but it can also be a cost-effective solution for Canadians who are tired of paying exorbitant fees for mobile data.

In fact, Canada has some of the highest mobile data rates in the world, making eSIM an attractive alternative. And when it comes to eSIM providers in Canada, RedteaGO stands out as the most reliable and trustworthy option.

One of the main advantages of using RedteaGO is the affordability of their Canadian data plans. Starting at just $4-5 USD, RedteaGO’s data plans are among the most cost-effective in the country, making it an appealing option for both travelers and locals alike.

But affordability isn’t the only advantage of RedteaGO. Their eSIM service also uses multiple carrier networks, providing more comprehensive coverage than any single carrier. In fact, during a recent network outage with Rogers, many customers were able to stay connected to the internet using RedteaGO’s eSIM service.

In short, RedteaGO offers a reliable and cost-effective eSIM option for Canadians looking to stay connected at home or abroad. Don’t let high mobile data rates hold you back any longer. Switch to RedteaGO and experience the convenience and affordability of eSIM technology today.

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Devices Compatible with an eSim in Canada

eSim cards are embedded sim cards meaning they are built into your phone. Since this is a relatively new concept, not every smartphone or tablet has an eSim built in.

If your phone or tablet is under 3 years of age and is relatively high-end, chances are it has an eSim inside it. But, how do you check? It is incredibly easy.

Dial *#06# on your smartphone to bring the unique identifiers of your phone. This will include an IMEI number and maybe an EID number. If you have an EID (Embedded Identity Document) number then your phone has an eSim.

The final step in ensuring your device can use an eSim is making sure it is unlocked by a provider. If you bought it as part of a monthly contract, chances are it is locked. Simply call your mobile provider and ask them to unlock it.

Data Needed When Traveling to Canada

The most economical data packages for a Canada eSim will be the ones that give you enough data for your entire trip based on how much you use.

To find the right data package, you need to know how much data you use. On average, people use about 5 GB per week, but some use 20 GB, and others can live on 2 GB a week.

Your best bet is to get a report from your smartphone about your data usage and find a plan to match. If you like to browse on Youtube, Soundcloud, Spotify, and Netflix you will need a lot more than someone just using maps or emails.

Speed is also a consideration. Not every eSim provider has the same speeds as the next. If you want to use your eSim for work, then a faster connection is best, but if it’s just for getting around and sending messages, it is less important.

Tips for Using eSim in Canada

Ensure Your Phone Is Unlocked & Compatible

Step one for using a Canada eSim is always ensuring your device will work with eSims and that it is unlocked from a mobile provider. If it is locked or not compatible, physical sim cards are your only option.

Use Data Only Apps To Communicate

Whether you are a fan of Whatsapp, iMessage, Telegram, or Facetime, use these apps with your Canada eSim.

You can send messages and make phone calls around the world over data only which means you can use your Canada eSim for everything.

Download Maps For Offline Use

Use public wifi networks to download maps of the area you are traveling in. This allows you to navigate around a new city without using any data whatsoever and is thus an excellent way to reduce your data consumption.

If you don’t know how to download Google Maps for offline use, here is how.

Use WiFi Whenever You Can

For anyone trying to budget their data usage, using WiFi whenever you can is the best way to go. If you are in a city in Canada, most cafes and restaurants offer free WiFi and this is when to use apps like Instagram that are very data-hungry.

Airplane Mode Is A Winner

When turned on, airplane mode ensures no apps use any data whatsoever. You might not have realized this, but a lot of apps actually use data in the background without you knowing, so this is a great way to stop them.

You can still take pictures and use GPS in airplane mode, plus you will save a lot of battery too!

Turn Data Off For Less Important Apps

Go into settings and turn the data off for apps that are not so important for your needs. This ensures they won’t chew up any data you don’t want them to.

They will still work on WiFi, and you can always turn the data back on for them when you want to.


How can I buy an eSim in Canada?

You can buy a Canada eSim online from any country in the world. Buy it before you travel so that you can activate it when you land and be online almost instantly.

Here is how to buy a Canada eSim:

  • Pick the sim card provider and eSim plan with enough mobile data that works for you
  • Buy the plan with a card
  • You will get a QR code or activation code via an email or within the provider’s app
  • Install the eSim following their instructions
  • Do not activate the eSim until you are in Canada as they are limited to a number of days

How do I activate my Canada eSim?

Once you have bought your eSim, activating it is very easy. Step one is to get online via WiFi and then use the activation code and follow the instructions sent to you.

It should only take a matter of minutes to have a mobile data internet connection.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which carriers support eSIM in Canada?

There are many local mobile internet providers offering eSims in Canada and these include Bell Canada, Koodo, and Telus. Additionally, Fido, Freedom, Virgin Koodo, & Lucky Mobile provide eSim as well.

Is eSIM available in Canada?

Yes, the big three mobile carriers in Canada allow you to use eSims on your mobile phone. This includes Bell Canada, Rogers, and Telus.

How does the Canada eSIM work?

In order to get an eSim for Canada, you have to follow these steps:

  1. Check your phone’s eSim compatability
  2. Check your phone is unlocked for eSims by your carrier
  3. Buy a local Canada eSim
  4. Install your Canada eSim using the QR code or by following the instructions provided

You can click here now to purchase a Canadian eSIM data plan.

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