eSIM Alliance Launches Industry Innovation: Multiple Partners Quickly Onboard via SaaS-Based API

eSIM Alliance Launches Industry Innovation: Multiple Partners Quickly Onboard via SaaS-Based API

The eSIM Alliance has announced the launch of its innovative eSIM technology, providing an end-to-end eSIM enabling infrastructure for seamless integration of eSIM technology into partner businesses. With a SaaS-based API and full stack of eSIM technology, partners can easily onboard eSIM and provide their customers with a convenient and intuitive in-app activation experience, without the need for QR code scanning or copy and paste.

The technology offers partners a range of business models, tailored to their individual needs, without competing in the Consumer market. Additionally, the eSIM Alliance provides comprehensive data plans, working directly with global tier 1 operators to offer flexible data size and duration options at competitive rates.

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This new technology is ideal for international travelers who require local connectivity. With eSIM, customers can enjoy a fully digital experience, eliminating the need to swap SIM cards or rent a Wi-Fi box. The eSIM Alliance’s investment in underlying technology makes customer acquisition, activation, and retention more efficient and innovative.

The eSIM Alliance also offers domain partners ownership of their own products, user base, and brand, with options to define pricing, collect payments, and maintain customer loyalty. Partners benefit from RedteaMobile’s connectivity partnerships, negotiation power, and know-how.

The eSIM Alliance is future-proofed to serve over 3 billion eSIM users worldwide. With a range of eSIM offerings covering over 200 countries or regions, partners can easily ship users with a rich set of eSIM offerings via eSIM apps, website banners, H5 pages, offline posters, and more.

This innovative technology provides a new opportunity for cross-sale with a strong conversion rate as a high-yielding product, enhancing the customer experience and providing a comprehensive digital product for easy integration. The eSIM Alliance is inviting interested parties to talk to their eSIM experts to learn more about this exciting new technology.

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