Avoid a $1,000 roaming bill while traveling: Try eSIM

Some of us have had the experience of traveling somewhere, roaming on our phones, and receiving a huge bill later. Well, if you buy e-SIM online before or during your travel, you can avoid consuming vast amounts of data on your Cayman plan and racking up high expenses.

Why are roaming bills so high

Looking at why some roaming bills are high in the first place, we can attribute this to two everyday things.

In the first situation, we traveled thinking that we activated an affordable roaming plan after receiving a text message upon arrival in X country.  The instruction is that all you have to do is click on a link, and roaming is activated.

Well, the issue with this is that sometimes, your Cayman provider does not have a relationship with telephone companies in the countries where you travel. Unaware of this and not receiving a notification otherwise, you continue roaming and using data, only to encounter a $1,000 to $5,000 bill when you return to Cayman from your trip.

The other scenario is where you intentionally use roaming without a plan because of an emergency or because you need to do so for work.

eSIM as a solution

In either case, the e-Sim option is a convenient option to obtain a data plan, access your emails and communicate on social media without roaming worries or the headache of a hefty bill.

As to which providers offer eSIM, companies like “RedteaGO” allow you to buy data plans online using eSim, either before or during your travel.

Some of the countries where it can be used are below.

If you wish to explore this option, you may obtain the eSim in your Google store or on the RedteaGO website at https://esim.redteago.com/

While there are a few instructions to install the eSim, it is a convenient data option once installed.  Also, you shouldn’t have a nightmare roaming bill when you return after using eSIM on your travels.